About me

Early Life

Born in Oxford and growing up on a flower farm in North Wales my life has always been visual and creative. I studied Fine Art at Liverpool John Moores University graduating with a BA Hons in 2002. The combination of a rural beginning and the introduction to city life in a place with a rich cultural identity gave a focus and inspiration for my painting. My early works were abstractions that communicate time and sound though shape and colour. This work is a hybrid of painting and sculpture where raised wire elements are interwoven and connected to the painted under surface, the sculptural elements cast shadows and created their own changing images. Following graduation this sculptural style of painting gained early recognition with work displayed nationally at The Biscuit Factory Gallery in Newcastle to Flowers Gallery on Cork Street, London. Work was purchased for public and private collections including the Grosvenor Museum, Bentley Head Office and Four Seasons.

Art Life

I now live and paint in Yorkshire, a place that provides never-ending inspiration due to the landscape of rich valleys, bleak moors and the legacy of modern masters such as Barbara Hepworth, Henry Moore and David Hockney. Ideas around time, sound and memory resonate through the work and you will see that over time abstraction has been replaced with nature in its recognisable form. The hallmark style of layers, under painting, over painting, resist, weathering and saturation of colour are still evident. I enjoy the unpredictability within my work, construction, deconstruction and reconstruction are used to challenge the surface and hold time. I have a strong back catalogue of achievements with work hanging in public spaces across the UK, I like to believe my style is original, confident and ever innovative.